Success Stories


Name  : Rabia
Age     : 27
City     : Karachi
Case   : Deviated Nasal Septum

Case Study

Deviated, depressed and bulbous tip with a mild hump. Strict instructions not to infracture (break/move the nasal bones inwards and make the nose narrower) as she wanted to avoid the bruising/additional downtime.
At one week post op the named issues would appear to have been addressed.


Rabia, a 27-year-old came to Dr. Tahir Shafi for her concerts about her nose. The lovely lady had Deviated nasal septum which made one of her nasal passages smaller, affecting her facial appearance badly.

She was losing self-esteem every day and wanted a better nose shape like all other beautiful ladies. That is when she started her search for the Best Rhinoplasty Expert in Karachi and came across Dr. Tahir Shafi.

Dr. Tahir Shafi had a thorough consultation before operating Miss Rabia and made sure to follow all her strict instructions.

Here are Rabia’s 1-week postoperative results. Alhamdulillah she is now happy with her nose shape and feels more confident than ever about her looks.