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Success Stories

Nayab Komal

Name  : Nayab Komal
Age     : 19
City     : Quetta
Case    : Droopy tip lifting
Nayab Komal visited South City Hospital in Karachi for her proposed Rhinoplasty with Dr Tahir Shafi Khan

Pre Op Analysis

This 19 year old had three main requests regarding her nose- lift her tip, define it better and remove the hump leaving her with a straight nasal bridge on profile. After two in-depth pre op meetings where the likely result and potential problems were fully discussed, we agreed to proceed with the surgery.

Post Op Results

Nayab came a week after her surgery. The splint and sutures were removed. There is a little bruising but despite that and the swelling, the initial result is pleasing.

She and her family are very happy with the early result. However they understand that, to truly assess the final result, they need to wait a minimum of 6 months. It will take that long for the skin to redrape over the sculpted underlying framework and for the swelling from the tip to settle