Success Stories


Name  : Nadia
Age     : 25
City     : Karachi
Case   : Hump Reduction

Case Study

Young lady with a long nose and prominent hump. Was hesitant to have surgery until she saw a friend who I had operated on about 6 months ago.
At one week post op, there is marked swelling and some residual bruising but the new shape is becoming apparent.


Nadia, a 25-year-old lady, came to Dr. Tahir Shafi with concerns about her long nose and prominent hump. Nadia had been insecure about her nose shape and hump since she was a child

She always wanted to have a nose she was confident about but couldn’t trust anyone. Her long-awaited dream of a better nose finally came true when she learned about a Rhinoplasty specialist in Karachi, Pakistan, Dr. Tahir Shafi, who had successfully operated one of her friends. Nadia gained the courage to undergo surgery after looking at impressive results and elevated confidence in her friend.

Here are Miss Nayab’s 1-week postoperative results. Currently, Miss Nadia is extremely confident about her new nose shape and wishes she had opted for the operation earlier.