Mommy Makeover in Karachi

It is a procedure designed to restore the shape, size, and appearance of the breast, to treat post-pregnancy symptoms. Many areas could be addressed after pregnancy like breast, waist, genitals, etc. there are many techniques involved in a mommy makeover. It is a term used for breast and abdomen rejuvenation.
If you are physically healthy, you have ideal body weight, have realistic expectation, and finished with the childbearing period then you are the best candidate to have a mommy makeover

You have to opt for this procedure if you want to get rid of sagging breast. This procedure makes your breast firm. You can flatten the tummy by having this procedure. Last but not least, you can regain the lost self-confidence.

You will be instructed to adopt several things before the surgery while avoiding some of them. You will be instructed to use certain vitamins. Stop smoking before and during the recovery period of the surgery.

During pregnancy, the breast enlarges as much as full cup size; the abdominal muscles, skin, and tissues get stretched to support the baby’s growth, so Mommy makeover generally focuses on the breast and abdomen as these parts that are positively affected. Mommy makeover includes the following procedures,

· Breast augmentation is done to increase or augment the size of the breast, to restore the breast volume, shape, and size.

· Breast lift is a technique used to lift or raise the breast by making the surrounding tissue tight or by removing extra skin

· Tummy tuck or circumferential abdominoplasty is used to make the abdomen smooth and firm, it removes extra fats and skin in the abdomen.

· Liposuction another technique used to slim and correct the shape of different areas of the body by removing extra fats from specific areas.

Many women get rid of pain and irritation after one to two week of the surgery. You are not allowed to do any strenuous physical activity until fully recovered.
You will feel recovering for about three weeks. Afterwards you will be completely fine till sixth week. You may face have some difficulty in the first week, but if you follow all the instruction of the surgeon with taking all the medicines on time you can combat with all those problems very easily. If you have more than one procedure at a time then the recovery time might be prolonged.

If you maintain the weight, the results will stay long. Pregnancy may affect the result. The results of the implant are not permanent and you will have to replace them after some time.