Success Stories

Madiha Anonymous

Name  : Madiha (Anonymous)
Age     : 25
City     : Quetta
Case    : Deviated Nasal Septum
Madiha visited South City Hospital in Karachi for her proposed Rhinoplasty with Dr Tahir Shafi Khan


This 25 year old girl with residual deviation and a depressed nasal tip following a rhinoplasty elsewhere. Came to me for a revision rhinoplasty. 6 months post op. Alhamdullilah.


A 25-year-old beautiful lady, Madiha came to Dr. Tahir Shafi with a residual deviation and a depressed nasal tip. The lovely lady was always appreciated for her facial appearance and received a lot of compliments for her looks until an accident injured her nose. The accident that took place five years ago affected the lady’s looks which impacted her mental health.

She had been searching for a Rhinoplasty Expert in Pakistan for many years to regain her lovely looks and lost confidence. She even had a Rhinoplasty surgery before but she was not satisfied with it. Finally, after a long search and an unsatisfactory experience, she came to Dr. Tahir Shafi for a revision. Dr. Tahir Shafi examined Madhia’s nose condition and possible reshaping alternative and decided to operate her.

Here are Madhia’s 6-month postoperative results. Alhamdulillah she is now happy with her nose shape, has regained her old confidence, and receives compliments for her appearance.