Jawline in Karachi Pakistan| Jawline Creation Surgery

Jawline creation is also referred to as orthognathic surgery. This surgery reshapes the jaw and chin. This surgery can also enhance the jaw or reduce the bone’s size; it makes the chin slim.
This procedure makes the jaw streamlined and proportionate with the rest of the face, giving wide, overly long and U- shaped jaws.
This is not just a cosmetic procedure, but it can also realign the teeth and jaw to function correctly. This procedure can even shave the jawline to make it slimmer and defined.
You can have this procedure to enhance the jaw’s appearance, treat the jaw pain from the temporomandibular joint, or not be satisfied with the Botox on the jawline.
Jawline surgery treats the jaw, teeth, and chin. The surgeon can treat either single or both the jaw, depending upon the need.
Jawline surgery is beneficial and gives permanent results.

The surgery works by shaving the jaw bone to reduce its size. 
It helps to smooth the protrusions that give an overall slimmer look on the face.
The surgeon will put the patient under general anesthesia. Incisions are made within the mouth, so there is no visible scarring. The surgeon will correct the alignment of the jaw or teeth if needed. Screws, wires, and tiny bone plats are used during the surgery to keep the jaw in its place. The screws will integrate into the jaw; screws are permanent.
In a jaw reduction procedure, a small incision between the gum and the cheek is made. The surgeon will use a laser to shave the bone

The jawline creation of surgery risks and side effects include blood loss, infection, swelling, nerve damage, pain, and scarring.

It is normal to have swelling, and depending upon the condition, and you will likely stay in the hospital.
The surgeon will instruct you on what to eat or drink. He will prescribe unavoidable pain killers, mode of sleeping, and for how long you’ve to take off from work.
Avoid smoking, strenuous activity, vigorous exercise after the procedure. The results will be visible as soon as the swelling subsides. You will need braces to align the teeth with the new jaw shape

The surgical procedures give long-lasting and permanent results. The surgical options for jawline creation or enhancement are;
Facelift or Neck Lift: A facelift or neck lift is used to tighten the delicate face and neck tissues. This procedure results in creating a well-defined jawline and neck in older patients. A face or neck lift will correct excess fat and loose skin for a youthful appearance lasting for many years.
Chin Augmentation- Patients with a naturally weak jawline can have this procedure to create a natural-looking enhanced jaw. Chin implants are used and placed through a small incision in the mouth. This process leaves no visible scars. These specially designed implants are made using bio-compatible silicone. These implants are molded to each patient’s jawbone to ensure a tight fit. After getting fixed, the implant gives a natural bone with a natural-looking jaw.
Neck Liposuction is best to remove a double chin. The fats conceal the jawbone’s natural structure under the chin and jaws. Neck liposuction can remove excess fat to enhance or reveal the hidden contours

There are non-surgical options that can help you to create a defined jawline. These non-surgical treatments require less downtime. This is best for patients who need mild to moderate corrections.
Dermal Fillers- in this, Injectable fillers are placed along the mandible. This gives a more defined chin and jawline contour. This option is best for individuals who desire a slight increase in definition.
Kybella is an injectable treatment in which extra fat is injected under the chin. This includes deoxycholic acid that breaks the fats. When excess or unwanted cells destroy, it gives a defined jawline.

The patient will feel like sunburn at the incision site. You may have swelling which will last for a few days—no need of using a bandage to the treated area.
You are restricted to a liquid diet for a week or ten days. Try not to miss the surgeon’s follow up, as it will help in a speedy recovery.
After the subsiding of swelling, you can feel a smaller and symmetrical jawline in your face. It will enhance the facial appearance by giving a proportional jawline.
The doctor will recommend using anti-bacterial mouthwash to disinfect the mouth. Keep the head elevated to prevent swelling. Always be careful while washing the face and wear an elastic facial dressing. Avoid strenuous exercises that may cause stress to the face.