Success Stories


Name  : Hafsa
Age     : 25
City     : Karachi
Case   : Hump Reduction
Hafsa visited South City Hospital in Karachi for her proposed Rhinoplasty with Dr Tahir Shafi Khan.
Dorsal Hump Reduction
The Dorsal hump is the combination of bones and cartilages. Some people have a prominence on their nasal bridge, instead of a straight slope from the top to the tip of the nose.

Dr Tahir Shafi Comments

This, otherwise well adjusted young lady, found the appearance of her nose was negatively impacting her self esteem/self confidence. The later photos are one week post op. The early results are promising and here is the young lady’s reaction 

Patient's Reaction

Heyy doctor! I love my nose and I love you for giving it to me! Thank you so muchhh! You’re one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life


Concerned about her Dorsal hump tip, 25-year-old Hafsa visited Dr. Tahir Shafi. Because of the way her nose was shaped, the gorgeous young girl was in a depressed state. Growing up in a household where all her sisters and family members had perfect noses had made Hafsa severely insecure

The young woman had decided that she didn’t want to spend any more of her years feeling self-conscious about her nose and appearance, so she began searching for the best Rhinoplasty in Karachi.

For a long time, she had been looking for the best Karachi rhinoplasty surgeon. Dr. Tahir Shafi, a well-known plastic surgeon in the city, was her ultimate choice for a rhinoplasty. Dr. Tahir Shafi examined Hafsa’s nose condition. After a thorough assessment of her nose, Dr. Tahir Shafi decided to operate her.

One week after surgery, these are the findings for Miss Nayab. She can now sit with her friends and any other person with complete confidence because she is now comfortable with the contour of her nose.