Fat Transfer in Karachi Pakistan| Fat Transfer Surgery

Fat transfer, fat grafting, lipofilling, or fat injections involve using a person’s own excessive fat to inject into areas that may lack fat. It’s a technique that was perfected back in the early nineties.
In this procedure, excess fat is taken from outer thighs, stomach, etc., and pumped into the face, hands, breasts, or buttocks. Fat grafting face, breasts, or buttocks produces natural and long-lasting results.

Firstly, fat transfer results are long-lasting, natural, and safe. Next up, fat grafting reduces the chances of allergies as it involves autologous fat (your own fat). Fat transfer face is a noninvasive method for attaining facial restoration.

  • If you have facial areas that appear to be sunken or creased.
  • Revise scars, rejuvenate hands & face, improve body contour.
  • Filling breast irregularities or hiding apparent signs of breast implants.

Quit smoking at least six weeks before the surgery to avoid scarring and insufficient recovery.
Don’t take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines and vitamin/homeopathic regimens as they can increase bleeding.
Stay hydrated before and after the surgery to avoid any sort of complication.

Fat transfer surgery covers many areas, which means that the cost of fat grafting varies from case to case. Moreover, the cost also depends on the technique your surgeon is going to use.
Dr. Tahir Shafi Khan will sketch out a perfect and affordable plan for your fat transfer. Before the surgery, you’ll be presented with the cost map that will include the information about every expense.