Double Chin Surgery in Karachi Pakistan | Neck Lift Surgeon

Children with cleft have to face many complications like;
They may face difficulty in feeding, children with cleft lip can breast-feed, but a child with cleft palate may face sucking difficult
Babies with cleft palate are at risk of developing middle ear fluid which if not treated may cause hear loss.
Extension of cleft through the gums and tooth develops dental problems
Speech of a child with cleft palate is unclear and sound too nasal.

For many aged people, their body fat is more likely to collect under the chin, making it thick, bulky, and droopy. A plastic surgeon can remove the excess fat and tighten the neck skin with the help of two to three approaches.
A plastic surgeon can eliminate your double chin by chin liposuction, neck lift, or submentoplasty. Note that the double chin surgery procedure selection depends on the patient’s health and skin condition.

During a neck lift double chin surgery, the surgeon will make cuts behind the ear or underneath the chin. After that, your excess skin or fat will be removed to tighten up your neck muscles.

Well, that’s a tricky question. The majority of people who go through the double chin surgery are able to return to work within one to two weeks. However, if a person goes through a neck lift, he/she will take some time to get back to everyday life (varies from person to person). After neck lift surgery, most people return to normal activities within one to two months.

It is recommended for people below age 45 as they perfect for the surgery though age is not a problem to have this surgery. Mentally and physically healthy candidates are best to have the surgery.

The doctors will perform surgery for the reduction or removal of the double chin. He will use local or general anesthesia depending upon the procedure to be performed. The area to be treated is marked then cut by the surgeon. Excess fats are removed by liposuction after the incision. A tube is inserted into the fat that sucked out the melted fats. The skin is then tightened and stitched.
Other procedures like submentoplasty or neck lift can also be used to reduce the double chin.

Before the surgery, the doctor will have a session to make sure all the possible outcomes and side effects of the desired procedure. If the double chin is minor non-surgical treatment would be recommended
The surgeon will guide the patient to follow all the pre and post-surgical instructions. He will guide what to eat, what precautions should be taken while sleeping. He will prescribe certain medications.

It makes you look young and beautiful by making the skin tighter. You also look fresh.
It will boost your self-confidence and reduces neck fullness