Success Stories


Name  : Dania
Age     : 24
City     : Karachi
Case   : Deviated Nasal Septum

Case Study

Marked deviation and hump along with a boxy plunging tip and airway obstruction.
One week post op with marked swelling but the apparent early results look promising.


A 24-year-old young lady , Dania, came to Dr. Tahir Shafi with a deviated nasal bridge and a boxy nose tip. The young lady’s facial appearance was affected badly due to the nose injury which she got a few years back due to an unfortunate accident. Her self-esteem suffered greatly as a result of this deviance.

She had been on the search for the best Karachi rhinoplasty surgeon for a long time. Having spoken with several other Plastic Surgeons in the city, she finally chose Dr. Tahir Shafi for her rhinoplasty. Dr. Tahir Shafi examined Dania’s nose condition and possible reshaping alternative. After a thorough assessment of her nose, Dr. Tahir Shafi decided to operate  her.

Here are Dania’s 1-week post-operative results. She is now extremely happy with her new nose shape and has regained her self-esteem.