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There are two types of burn surgery; acute and reconstructive. Acute surgery occurs immediately after injury by general surgeons. Many burns cannot be treated by acute surgeries. These kinds of burns need reconstructive burn surgery. The reconstructive surgery helps to correct both the function and cosmetic appearance of the scar. In this surgery, both operative and non-operative treatments are involved. These treatments are used to alter the burn scar. The treatment takes several months to be effective

Reconstructive burn surgery is a procedure to restore the function and appearance of the burned skin. The reconstructive surgery for burns is carried out after the initial wounds from the burn have healed.

Actually, there are two main categories of burn surgery—acute and reconstructive surgery for burns. 
Acute plastic surgery on burn skin is carried out immediately after the injury. A team of special trauma surgeons can carry out acute plastic surgery after burn. Complicated and extensive burns often need consultation from a verified and experienced plastic surgeon.
Reconstructive surgery for burns is carried out after the initial burn woods have healed. The main goals of a reconstructive burn surgery are improving the function and cosmetic appearance of burn scars. Reconstructive plastic surgery after burn involves altering scar tissues.

  • Improvement in essential functions and appearance of the burnt area.
  • The scars will be less noticeable.
  • Regain the range of motion on the injured area.


Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tahir and explain the results you would like to see after the surgery. Dr. Tahir will guide you about the procedures, long-term benefits, and some prerequisites. As every patient is different, Dr. Tahir will personally choose a treatment plan and surgical technique for you.
You’ll be required to provide a complete medical history to Dr. Tahir Shafi. Moreover, he’ll conduct a thorough physical examination and discuss possible risks of the procedure.

The doctor will discuss the patient’s allergies, medical condition before the surgery. The doctor will ask to stop smoking. He will prescribe several medicines including vitamins before the procedure.
Patient having severe burns, they undergo a procedure called debridement before the surgery. This process involves cleaning the burn area and removing the dead cell. This is an essential step that should be performed before any surgery.

The surgery includes both operative and non-operative process. Some non-operative treatments include scar massage, tropical therapies, and pressure garments. The operative process includes a scar release procedure. In the scar release procedure, the scars are repaired after removal. Skin grafting is another operative method. This is an outpatient procedure, but if complications occur the patient has to stay in the hospital.

This is a common procedure that helps the body to grow skin. Tissue expansion can reconstruct any part of the body. This process uses a silicone balloon which is kept under the skin which is to be treated. The entire area will be filled with a silicon solution, forcing the skin to stretch. This is most commonly used in breast reconstruction surgery. It is also helpful to repair birth skin damages or any skin damage due to injury or surgery.