Breast Reduction in Karachi Pakistan

Breast reduction, technically known as reduction mammoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery designed for women with large, pendulous breasts. It is the procedure in which fat, tissue, and skin are removed for the purpose of diminishing the size of the breasts. This procedure can relieve the physical strain in the back, neck, and shoulders caused by overly large breasts.

Patients with large, sagging breasts are ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery. Both men and women may be candidates for reduction mammaplasty, as both genders may feel burdened by large breasts. After breast reduction surgery, men and women alike often attain a more proportional figure and a renewed sense of confidence in their appearance.

Most women who decide to undergo breast reduction are concerned with alleviating physical pain and annoyance above all else. Although the procedure is only recommended for mature women with fully-developed breasts, it can be performed on younger women if their breasts are causing serious pain and physical discomfort. Breast reduction surgery is not recommended for women who intend to breast feed, because the procedure removes many of the milk ducts that lead to the nipples.

Women with large, heavy breasts may suffer physical pain from the weight of their breasts as well as social uneasiness due to unwanted attention to their breast size similarly men experience feelings of shame, emasculation, and embarrassment because of their breast size. Rather than live with these physical and emotional symptoms, many turn to breast reduction surgery as a remedy as it benefits both the health and appearance in both genders

For Women:

  • Relief from physical discomfort
  • Correct posture
  • No skeletal deformities
  • No painful indentations on shoulders due to bra straps
  • No skin irritation beneath the breast
  • No breathing problems
  • firmer breast contours
  • Correcting asymmetry, if the breasts are unequal in size
  • Improved appearance
  • Enhanced confidence

There are specific potential breast reduction cosmetic risks. When deciding whether you are a breast reduction candidate, you should be aware of possible complications

  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Uneven nipple height
  • Loss of sensation in the nipples
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Hematoma
  • Scars
  • Poor reaction to anesthesia
  • There is a chance that breastfeeding may not be possible after breast reduction.

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