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Dr. Tahir Shafi is the well-known and most sought after plastic surgeon in Pakistan. For him, plastic surgery is not a profession but it’s a passion. Due to his experience and expertise in plastic surgery, he is the first choice not only for the celebrities in Pakistan but he is also famous among non-resident Pakistanis. A massive number of his patients are returning clients, choose various procedures with Dr. Tahir to enhance their look over the years.
Dr. Tahir Shafi was initially trained in plastic surgery at The University College Hospital in London. He proceeded to train for an additional four years. Than he receives diplomas in Plastic Surgery from The British Association of Plastic Surgeons and The Royal College of Surgeons of England, 
Dr. Tahir Shafi was a consultant plastic surgeon/assistant professor at Agha Khan University in 1994. He than becomes an associate professor in 2001. As a faculty member, he initiated and supervised the residency training program.
Apart from this, Dr. Tahir Shafi is still a faculty member of the examining board of The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP).

After providing incredible service of 23 years to AKU, Dr. Tahir Shafi recently moved to another top hospital The South City Hospital (SCH).
Dr. Tahir Shafi is at the peak of his career and skills. He is honest, empathetic, personable and most of all he is the humblest consultant. He believes listening to the clients is paramount to success. He tries his best to know the patient during the interaction. He believes for untroubled longevity and prosperity the plastic surgeon has to be a psychosurgeon as well. 
He is experienced enough to deliver what he described in pre-operation interactions. He makes the patients aware of the expected result and possible complications. With relevance to cosmetic surgery, He tries not to inflict the beauty but rather to elicit and then deliver what the individual wants.
Dr. Shafi is capable and skilled enough to transform both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery patients. Experience, devotions, dedication, skill, and expertise are Dr. Shafi’s hallmarks. These are the keys that make him the best plastic surgeon in Pakistan.

As far as appointment is concerned you don’t need that. Dr. Tahir clinic is a walk in clinic. You can find him in the morning from Monday to Saturday at The South City Hospital.


Bothered by the look of the nose? 
 Don’t worry Dr. Tahir is here. He will perform the Rhinoplasty, which is the procedure that reshapes the nose. This is the most challenging surgery. During his long career, Dr. Shafi has deal with a lot of complicated nose surgeries, giving satisfying and pleasing results.
So what are you waiting for? Walk in the clinic of Dr. Tahir Shafi and get the nose as per your desires.

Treat the saggy thighs, hips abdomen, arms, neck with the liposuction procedure from the best plastic surgeon Dr. Tahir Shafi. Liposuction improves the shape and contours of your body. 
If you are tired of long gym hours and still can’t get rid of these stubborn fats, so to treat these fats, contact Dr. Tahir Shafi today and regain your self-confidence.

Don’t let the wrinkles conceal your beauty. Have a facelift procedure from Dr. Tahir Shafi to reduce the wrinkles, tightens, and treat the droopy face skin that will ultimately give you a more youthful appearance.
Dr. Tahir has recently introduced a micro fat tissue transfer method in the facelift to treat the sunken and hollow appearance of the face.

The lifestyle and way to enjoy life are greatly inhibited by gynecomastia. Breast enlargement or gynecomastia leads to several mental disorders like anxiety and depression.
Gynecomastia is treated in a simple daycare procedure by Dr. Tahir Shafi so that you can live happily ever after.


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